If you are interested in any of these projects, feel free to contact me at hardrain at tiscali dot it



This is not a commercial site. I've made it hoping it may serve to:
  •  enlarge my theremin enthusiast friends pool
  •  help beginners with ideas, hints, projects, advices...


  • Q. Why don't you make schematics and construction plans available on your website?
  • A. I'm against copyright, closed designs, patents and so on. I'm a supporter and user of free software. BUT, I must respect other people's rights on their ideas, and since my projects may contain chunks of circuits used by others, modified or adapted even from commercial designs, I prefer (for the moment) not to publish diagrams and layouts. But I'll send them privately, for the sake of sharing knowledge and experience, if I feel they are 'safe', I mean, stable and reproduceable. Just write me (see below).
  • Q. Do you sell your instruments? Can you design and build for me a Digital Theredroneparapilliophone?
  • A. As stated above, this is not a commercial website. If you don't feel like building your own device, I may do it for you providing you cover the expenses.  If I have a few spare printed circuits, I may give them on request. I normally don't design circuits on demand, unless I feel overwhelmingly seduced by the idea (or by its name!!)
  • Q. Why is this website not in Italian?
  • A. 'cause I've been browsing the web for infos on Theremins for three years, and I've swallowed so many articles in English that when I went in with this site I found it considerably easier to write it straight in (questionable!) English. Will I write a Versione Italiana? Maybe, someday (don't plan on it).