3 April 2020


A modulable analog White Noise generator for electronic music.

Why have I designed this instrument?
Well I felt the need to add to my gear a versatile White Noise generator. Any Drone-Ambient-Dark Industrial track will benefit from this, a few filtering and effecting provided.
While WN generation from a wisely polarized junction is easy business, I needed to be able to control the polarization and drive some feedback into the junction.
The result is an acid, instable sound with an ample range of modification by means of the two control pots. It can add some unpleasantness to a track you didn't believe could be worsened. 

After the first tests I felt the need to increase versatility by adding a synch input.
It can be driven by a 5V square or by any standard Sync gate (e.g. the one of my Volca Drum). The effect of the tearing noise marching a tempo with the beat can be devastating. In the diagram: 

T1 is the actual junction generating the noise, Sync input range is 3-5 Vpp. Components values are not critical, works great with a depleted battery (below 7V).


I've buit it as usual in an IKEA foodbox:



Doesn't look bad after all. 

No PCB! Ugly kind of smd/Manhattan style.

30 May 2014

Just finished a brand new Mini Remin.

 Mini Remin Technical specifications:

The two handles maybe add a gentle touch to the Ikea Foodbox...

28 April 2013

Distorfrost box: an EF9-based distortion pedal

Many old tubes sleep in my country house, since the old times when my father used to build vacuum-tubes radios in his green days. There are also lots of miniature 7-pin EF95 pentodes, that were used in high-frequency amps.
Now people round the globe is using them for audio applications... so I decided to try out a low-anodic voltage circuit. With small signals you can't drive the valve into the distortion zone, therefore I added a FET stage. I've also inserted a pot that moves the pentode's operating point, but its effect can be noticed only at high distortion levels. 

It works sweet, it's really easy to build – and it does not sound bad at all!

On stage I'm using it with a 'burglar alarm' type lead battery not to have to plug one more "brick" PS.

29 June 2012

Building and playing the Bullroarer

I'm interested in both electronic-generated music using modern technologies, and in primitive musical instruments that exploit the very basic laws of acoustics. I try to make them converge in my practice as a musician as well as in my instruments-making.
Recently I've read on a book that the Bullroarer is one of the oldest instruments used by humans to produce sounds.

We decided to make one and this is the result.
Sergio cut the fish-shaped thing from chipboard wood and shaped its edges to an airfoil.

Barbara decorated the surface with patterns inspired by aboriginal artworks.

Il looks great and makes a nice roaring sound.

To make it play great, you have to find the optimal rope lenght and thikness, by trial and error.

A small, portable drone generator that requires no batteries!

 Make it turn!

26 June 2012

Ghirondrone: A new instrument under construction

The Ghirondrone is a self-playing chordophone.
It is drone generator inspired by the work of Vulpestruments.

 The pickup is made from a salvaged contactor coil.
We'll see if it gets enough audio signal...

An A and a D guitar strings ready to be tuned...

The motor that will play the strings will be placed between the "pickup" an the "bridge".

Maybe the Ghirondrone will be given a distinctive Steampunk look... we'll see.

Whitefrost A modulable analog White Noise generator for electronic music. Why have I designed this instrument? Well I felt the need ...

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